Ullyses D
December 4, 2014

Updated / modified our main power panel to provide 220 volt electrical power for a new energy efficient swimming pool pump. We had just purchased a new energy efficient pool pump in an effort to reduce our monthly electrical bill. But the supplier failed to inform me (and I failed to ask) that it would need a 220 volt circuit vs. the existing 110 v. I contacted an electrician that we had recently contracted with for some other work on our home and he came out to give us an estimate. He inspected the main power panel and informed me that there was not enough room in our current 100 amp panel to make the necessary modifications to add the new 220 v circuit and a new panel would need to be installed at a cost of about $1800.00. I did not feel comfortable with his evaluation so we contacted Rick at Howell’s Electric (found the number on Angie’s List) and arranged for another estimate. Rick Howell himself came out to inspect the panel and see what would be required for the new pump. After a through evaluation of every circuit in our house and every breaker in the panel he determined that by replacing two existing circuit breakers and adding one more new breaker the existing panel would be more than adequate. He quickly located a supplier for the needed circuit breakers, drove to their warehouse and was back with them in less than an hour. His expertise was quickly apparent as he made the necessary modifications, installed the new breakers and prepared the existing pump wiring to accommodate the new pool pump in what seemed like a very short time. Even though it was very hot outside he was very focused and wasted no time. Very professional. The total bill came to only $245.00 which we consider more than reasonable. Rick was honest and fair. We will definitely call him the next time we need any kind of electrical work.