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Howell Electric is a full service electrical contractor providing you solutions for your entire residential and commercial electrical system.

Menu of Electrical Services

The following are some examples of services we provide:
• Electrical Repairs
• Electrical Inspections
• Emergency Service
• New Construction
• Remodels
• Additions
• Upgrades
• Troubleshooting
• Wiring and Re-Wiring
• Outlets
• Circuits
• Breakers
• Panels
• Surge Protection
• Switches
• Solar Power
• Interior Lighting & Recess Can Lights
• Exterior & Landscape Lighting
• LED Lighting
• Fixture Installations
• Ceiling Fan Installations
• Smoke Detectors
• And Much More

Custom Electrical Design – Additional Lighting & Outlets

Our custom electrical design gives you freedom in your home or business; the freedom to have your desired furniture arrangement and not be limited by where a switch or outlet is and where the cable and data locations are. Are you frustrated with your outdated kitchen lighting design or wish you could see better in your bathrooms? Would you like an extra outlet in your living room or an extra cable outlet on a different office wall? Do you have high end electronics that need to be protected from lightning and surges? Would you like to see your landscaping at night? If you live in the Fontana area, Howell Electric has the solution for you! Recess can lights are a great way to add light to any room. We can add outlets without having to patch holes into your walls, and yes we can install cable and data outlets to give you more freedom with where you place your television or computer. Whole house lightning and surge protectors that attach to your electrical panel are the best way to protect your large screen televisions and computer network system. And landscape lighting is a great, cost effective way to illuminate your outdoor living space.

Fixture and Ceiling Fan Installation

Although seemingly simple, ceiling fan installations are best left to professionals and not inexperienced home owners or well intentioned handymen that just don’t have the electrical knowledge needed to install a ceiling fan safely. One of the best indicators of an incorrect fan installation is if the fan wobbles. Ceiling fans do this when mounted to a weak light fixture box. As you can imagine the movement of the fan is eventually going to wear out the screw holes and the fan will fall down. Howell Electric installs ceiling fans in a safe, code approved manner. We do not take short cuts. If we find a location with a plastic or unsafe box, we change this box out with a fan rated box. If the wiring needs to be changed, updated, or repaired, it will be done according to code. Also if you have a room that doesn’t have any kind of fixture in the ceiling or a means to install one, we can add it along with a switch wherever you would like. Howell Electric is an expert at custom design; cutting in new locations into your ceilings or walls for devices such as switches and receptacles and ceiling mounted fixtures. If you are wondering if your fan is mounted to a fan rated electrical box, Howell Electric will gladly inspect it for you.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting can be very complicated and frustrating when it comes to the electrical wiring system in your home or business. You may have wiggled some wires, flipped some breakers and pushed some buttons but nothing happens. When you call Howell Electric, our licensed electricians are trained to find the problem in an efficient and timely manner. Our troubleshooting and repair service will identify the source of your electrical issues and provide lasting solutions to correct the problem. Many times it is something simple, but when its not we can give you options on what repairs are needed and take care of them immediately. We can restore proper function of your electrical system quickly, so you can use it as intended.

Emergency Electrician

When your whole house or business is without power, call Howell Electric immediately. We know no one wants to be without power even for a minute and even though there may be no danger, the problem usually lies in your electrical panel. Howell Electric will determine what the problem is. If the problem is in your home or business, we will fix it and if it is the utility company’s responsibility, we will only charge you the troubleshooting fee. When half of your house of business is not working, this usually means one of the two legs of power has failed, either on your side or the utility side. If you notice that some lights or appliances work and some don’t, you see some flickering of lights or you hear some buzzing from appliances, turn everything off and call Howell Electric. We will determine what the problem is and make any necessary repairs utilizing our fully stocked trucks. If by chance, we don’t have the part, it is after hours and the supply house is closed, we will make the situation safe until the supply house re-opens! Even if it is found that the problem is on the utility company’s side, we will contact them and they will come at no charge to make the repairs.

New Electrical Construction

When designing for new home or business construction, electrical needs should be considered from the very first planning stages. Howell Electric has years of experience in wiring homes and offices, working with the local area’s elite home builders and general contractor construction companies. We use quality electrical components to ensure your new electrical system will stand the test of time. We can help you plan the electrical system for your new construction project. Firstly we determine just home much electricity will be needed to power all the devices used inside and outside of your new home or business. Some of the crucial elements we consider when planning an electrical system for new construction will include:
• The number of outlets needed in each room and their placement
• The type of lighting you would like in each room
• Power supplies for appliances, entertainment, and other systems

By planning these needs, we can determine how much power will be needed. Howell Electric will properly plan your electrical system to ensure you’ll have the power you need and want!

Remodeling & Additions

Remodeling and additions allow you to alter your current home or business to meet the changing needs of your family or staff. When you alter your current living or working space, your electrical system will require adjustments in order to meet the needs of the new appliances you may be adding. For remodeling and additions, consult our electricians before beginning your project to make sure your electrical needs will be met. We can evaluate your existing electrical system in order to determine whether or not it can handle the increased load that will be placed upon it by additional devices and appliances. If you’re adding square footage, you’ll need to add more lighting and outlets, and new appliances may require the need for dedicated circuits. Howell Electric will help you figure the power demands of the new space and the devices you’ll use in it, while ensuring safe and reliable installation of all new electrical components.

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