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Installed a 220 volt plug and supply conduit lines from the main breaker panel to laundry room. The service was excellent! The cable and conduit lines look clean and neat, hassle free installation. The 220 volt plug was installed and saved us from buying a whole new gas dryer. Will definitely hire again for other work.

K Ksenia Fontana, CA

Rick and his associate installed two lights in front of my garage. They also replaced a light switch for the front entry light at no additional charge. Rick came early Saturday morning and gave us a great estimate on our lights. We wanted it done the same day and even though he had another job planned for most of the day, he went out of his way to get his associate to come back with him and do the job the same day. I will be hiring Rick to take care of more electrical work for a couple upstairs bedrooms (new recessed lights and ceiling fans to be installed). Looking forward to it!

Kevin S Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I needed some electrical outlets replaced. Rick was able to squeeze me into his schedule as we had lost all power to 1 room. He explained to me why we were unable to do the repair ourselves, and also explained to my son when he got home. Very helpful. During the process, he advised us that the prior owner had incorrectly wired one of the outlets and it would need to be repaired to be brought to code. He advised me of the cost. As I am currently on a tight budget, he gave me an option on the repair. He was very professional, even called to see if it was okay to arrive earlier that the anticipated time. Once I have some more money, I will be hiring him to do additional work and/or repairs. He did not treat me any different than my son (I have had experiences in the past with contractors talking down to me as a was a female that didn't understand anything). I respect that and this along with his work, professionalism and attitude, he's now in my Rolodex and has been recommended to friends.

Suzanne G Chino, CA

I put in a medium sized chandelier and two dimmer panels. I was worried it would get done in time within the time period, but it was done. I had a problem later of a plug outside not working, and after exhausting Youtube etc. I called him again, and he helped me out for no charge over the phone with a solution that I would never think of. Thank you!

Jessica B Fontana, CA

Having used Howell electrics last fall with great success, I called Rick to replace the switch to my swamp cooler that had stopped working. he came out the next day and installed a new, upgraded switch and it works perfectly. so glad to have found Howell electrics. will use him to replace some outlets and install some new ones in the future. Rick was professional, punctual and thorough. great job.

Danette B Rialto, CA

Rick was very kind in working with my schedule since my dog got sick and I had to reschedule several times. He always responded within 12 hours or so. | |My job wasn't very complicated; just swapping out existing fixtures for updated ones and adding spacers to some outlets to bring them flush with the new tile on the wall. |He wasn't able to install some items due to things outside of his control, so I will still need more work done once I can get the materials needed. Since he's out of my area, I was charged a $12 extra trip charge, so just keep that in mind. Overall a good experience.

Jessica C Chino, CA

We were having issue with some outlets not working. Rick made the repairs. We weren't sure what the problem was but thought it was probably a loose wire somewhere. Rick checked almost the entire house and found and repaired the loose wires. He also found some very dangerous exposed wires and repaired those as well.

Abby F Colton, CA

All lights in the kitchen had gone out and several outlets throughout the house did not work He traced all electrical issues throughout the house and fixed all of them. I actually found Mr. Howell for my mom who had had some issues since moving into her home with outlets not working. When the kitchen lights went out I found Mr. Howell here and he did the work for her. She was very impressed, he was on time, very professional, and was willing to do whatever needed to be done. She felt his prices were very reasonable. She will definitely call him again if the need arises and so will I.

Lisa W Yucaipa, CA

Rick was on time upon arrival. He problem solved the switches for the hallway light and checked the bedroom ceiling outlets. Very curious and knowledgeable. I would hire him again. Great service in repairing the problems.

Chris W Victorville, CA

Outdoor electrical outlets. Rick communicated well. He was very responsive to all questions. Thoroughly inspected and fixed the problem. Great customer care and service.

Miguel C Upland, CA

Rick changed a single wall switch to a double switch for a ceiling fan with a light kit. The service was great. Rick had to dig around in blown attic insulation to install wiring from the ceiling fan to the area above the switch and then feed the wire down to the switch. The job was a little more difficult than usual because it is a mid-century house with plaster walls and old wiring. He also had to correct the previous owner's work. He also kept the work area clean while he was working.

Lisa M Ontario, CA

Rick diagnosed the problem with the fluorescent lights in our kitchen and fixed the issue all within the hour! Rick was punctual, professional, and courteous. He fixed this issue in no time!

Dominic P Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Fixed kitchen light switch connection. I purchased the $69.00 deal and it was well worth the savings. Rick came out and fixed a light switch that was not connected correctly. I will definitely be using this company again in the future.

Heginio C San Bernardino, CA

Installed new outlets, ran new wiring from the box, installed a ceiling fan, and many other side projects. Rick was so helpful. He really worked with us. Thanks you for everything!

Elizabeth C Redlands, CA

Updated / modified our main power panel to provide 220 volt electrical power for a new energy efficient swimming pool pump. We had just purchased a new energy efficient pool pump in an effort to reduce our monthly electrical bill. But the supplier failed to inform me (and I failed to ask) that it would need a 220 volt circuit vs. the existing 110 v. I contacted an electrician that we had recently contracted with for some other work on our home and he came out to give us an estimate. He inspected the main power panel and informed me that there was not enough room in our current 100 amp panel to make the necessary modifications to add the new 220 v circuit and a new panel would need to be installed at a cost of about $1800.00. I did not feel comfortable with his evaluation so we contacted Rick at Howell's Electric (found the number on Angie's List) and arranged for another estimate. Rick Howell himself came out to inspect the panel and see what would be required for the new pump. After a through evaluation of every circuit in our house and every breaker in the panel he determined that by replacing two existing circuit breakers and adding one more new breaker the existing panel would be more than adequate. He quickly located a supplier for the needed circuit breakers, drove to their warehouse and was back with them in less than an hour. His expertise was quickly apparent as he made the necessary modifications, installed the new breakers and prepared the existing pump wiring to accommodate the new pool pump in what seemed like a very short time. Even though it was very hot outside he was very focused and wasted no time. Very professional. The total bill came to only $245.00 which we consider more than reasonable. Rick was honest and fair. We will definitely call him the next time we need any kind of electrical work.

Ullyses D San Bernadino, CA

Installed a new separate circuit in the garage for a refrigerator. Extremely flexible with scheduling which is very important to me because of work hours. Extremely punctual, easy to contact and returns calls right away , competitive price, very likeable, professional and the job went very very smooth. What more could you ask. I will definitely use again and recommend to anyone.

Sherry M Fontana, CA

Replaced extension cords for garage lighting with conduit and wiring. Replaced kitchen outlets with new switches and plugs. Arrived on time. Was very satisfied with the time it took to do the job and the quality of work. Will definitely use them again.

Susan V Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Upgraded outside electrical panel. In preparation for installing central air in the future I had to upgrade my electrical panel. in the process, rick howell discovered we had crossed wires in the kitchen, wires hanging around the attic unprotected, a whole house fan installed incorrectly and other misc electrical problems so he had to return to correct those. also, the city inspector would not sign off on the permit until he replaced all the outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms to meet current code, even though we were not having any work done in those rooms. so that meant rick had to return and another additional charge. then the inspector wanted the bathroom we added on 29 yrs ago rewired to meet current code, even though it was built to code at that time. rick researched that and contested the need for that to be done and the inspector signed off on the permit without us having to incur another additional charge, which would have been substantial. all in all, the original cost was $1600 for the new panel and an additional $800 for all the corrections and unexpected code requirements. i'm grateful that rick knew his code well enough to save us from rewiring that bathroom.

Danette B Rialto, CA

Rick Howell saved us and our marriage. Came on a holiday fixed the problem and was pleasant polite and quick. Thank God for Rick. We called right after we joined Angie's list and it was the best thing we ever did both joining Angie's list and calling Rick on the 4th of July. He was on his way to a family picnic and came first to our home and fixed the circuit breakers that had gotten loaded in carbon and were preventing electricity to turn on the lights and and computers in 3 rooms. I no longer have to listen to the surge protector beeping none stop. He knew what to do straight away. Rick Howell is the best.

Catherine M Chino Hills, CA

Howell Electric has been to my home for electrical repairs twice now. The first time was electrical troubleshooting why the interior lighting on my ceiling fan wouldn't come on (even though the fan was working). It turned out the electrical wiring wasn't done properly initially and the second time was for exterior lighting. I had purchased some LED lighting kits for around my spa and needed a home electrician to install them. They are licensed electricians who do quality electrical work and are extremely prompt, courteous and reasonably priced. I like that the residential electricians explain their work so that I know what's done. I will call them again in the future and would definitely recommend them to others needing an emergency electrician (or not so urgent electrical service) of any kind.

Brian M Fontana, CA

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