Danette B
December 4, 2014

Upgraded outside electrical panel. In preparation for installing central air in the future I had to upgrade my electrical panel. in the process, rick howell discovered we had crossed wires in the kitchen, wires hanging around the attic unprotected, a whole house fan installed incorrectly and other misc electrical problems so he had to return to correct those. also, the city inspector would not sign off on the permit until he replaced all the outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms to meet current code, even though we were not having any work done in those rooms. so that meant rick had to return and another additional charge. then the inspector wanted the bathroom we added on 29 yrs ago rewired to meet current code, even though it was built to code at that time. rick researched that and contested the need for that to be done and the inspector signed off on the permit without us having to incur another additional charge, which would have been substantial. all in all, the original cost was $1600 for the new panel and an additional $800 for all the corrections and unexpected code requirements. i’m grateful that rick knew his code well enough to save us from rewiring that bathroom.