Dangers of DIY Electrical Wiring Work in Rancho Cucamonga, CA; Home Outlet Fire, Injuries & More

With the age that we live in people are more willing to do their own repairs. Why? Because you can go online and search the internet to find out just about anything. The problem with that is there are some things that no matter how good of a google guru you are it cannot be trusted. We don’t think you would google how to fly a plane then take off so why would you try to do your own electrical work. Both of these googled projects can lead to serious injury or even death. You always want to leave very specific tasks that require a sufficient amount of training, knowledge and experience to the professionals. An electrician has had training and education to prepare him to safely work on, repair and install electrical equipment. Leave learning to paint a fruit basket to google and call a professional electrician to avoid serious disaster. Howell Electric outlines why it is so dangerous to try and do your own electrical work.

Electrical Fires

When you hear an electrician talking and they say something is live they are not talking about the Facebook live button. A live term when it comes to electrical work means that the item they are working on is hot and has electricity running to it. If the wire to that particular outlet is exposed at all you can cause a fire from the heat and spark. The wires have electrical currents running through them to allow the current to activate the outlet or appliance that it is attached to. This is how it works the circuit has to be complete. When you do electrical work on your own and you don’t actually seal the wires and cover them properly they can ignite and start a fire. The biggest issue is that the fire will start in the wall that is normally stuffed full of insulation that can catch fire quite quickly. A house fire is a terrible outcome when you choose to do your own electrical work.

DIY Electrical Work Can Cause Injuries

Another problem when you try to do your own electrical work is that you could be shocked or burned. The tools and equipment that is needed to do electrical work properly is very specific and specialized to that particular trade. The problem that you will find is that you are trying to use the tools that you have which may not work. You may also not be sure on how to shut the power off to a particular area so that you can do the work. An electrician has a tool that allows him to check if the wire is live or hot before he starts work. You will be stuck guessing which can quickly lead to being shocked. An electrical shock is dangerous and can send you to seek out medical attention.

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If you have any electrical work whether it is large or small that needs to be done contact an electrician first. It is better to have a professional with the right tools and training do the work for you. Contact us today!

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