Common Electrical Problems in Lytle Creek, CA; Broken Light Switches, Circuit Breaker Tripping & More

When it comes to the intricate system that makes up your electrical system, there are several things that go wrong. There are issues that are commonly seen in residential homes that often require the help of a licensed electrician. It is important to have an understanding of what you might be dealing with so you can decide whether or not you need help solving the issue you’re dealing with. Howell Electric is here to talk a bit about some of the most common residential electrical problems we see.

Electrical Problems that are Common in Homes

Here are some of the most common electrical problems that we see in homes:
– Broken Light Switches: If your home is like most, you switch the lights on and off in your home several times throughout a day. Over time, these light switches can start to become a problem and may even stop working all together. If you have any broken light switches, you might want to call on an electrician to help you get it replaced with one that works.
– Dimmer Switch Problems: It can be convenient to simply dim the lights in your home rather than shut them off all together. However, sometimes, the dimmer switch will malfunction and not work properly. If the dimmer portion of the switch isn’t working, then you should first check and make sure that the light switch is in the on position. You might have bulbs that aren’t compatible with a dimmer switch too. Make sure you have the right lightbulbs in the fixture. If it is turned on and still not working, you might need to have the switch replaced.
– Circuit Breaker Tripping Frequently: Another common problem for homeowners is a circuit breaker that is tripping often. This is a bother, but also put in place to keep your home safe from electrical surges. If you have a circuit breaker that is constantly tripping, there might be an electrical issue that needs to be dealt with.
– Electrical Shocks: You shouldn’t be shocked when you are using any of your appliances or switches in your home. If this is happening, you want to make sure that an electrician is coming to take a look at what is going on. It could be due to an electrical issue somewhere in your system.
– Power Sags & Dips: Every now and then, when you are experiencing severe weather, you might notice a sag or dip in your power. However, you shouldn’t be experiencing that on a regular basis. If this is happening, there is more than likely an electrical issue that should be fixed.

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